Thanks to our tenants in common services, you and your partner can become equal or own your property, so that if one of you dies, your share will go to the people of your choice. Contact us today to learn more about how a tenant can help you in a common agreement. As a common tenant, you have the right to debit the property, i.e. a tenant can mortgage his property as collateral for a loan, which does not require the agreement of your co-owners. Apart from them, this agreement is suitable for those who have children, because the agreement ensures that their children benefit from their share of the estate as soon as they die. In this case, however, they must also mention the same thing in their will. Once the agreement has been reached, it is advisable to register it with the land registry, but this is not a mandatory step. You can prove your property by filling out the TR1 form (when buying a house) or the OJ form (in the absence of a transfer, asset or rent) and by sending the corresponding form to the land registry. There is no limit to the number of parties who can enter into the contract and, in the event of a conflict, it can be terminated by four months` notice to each tenant. Ans5: Tenants in agreement, also known as declarations of confidence, are governed by the current law, which describes the effects of shared ownership on a property tax applicable to tenants that apply to property ownership, regardless of the amount they paid. The agreement allows you to choose the property or make arrangements to change the proportions.

You can, for example. B, want a gradual increase from a homeowner who pays a mortgage or a mother lender. Ans3: Yes, it is possible to terminate the lease together, and this can be done in different ways, z.B a) by a common agreement between all the tenants. b) by a judge ordered a division or c) by a fall, which means that any act that illegally stole from a tenant collectively its share of the rented building, also called ICT, allows two or more persons to own a property, each owner having the right to cede his share of the property to a beneficiary after the death of the owner or , in other words, it is a form of real estate title, more than one person owning a share of the property and those who own part of the property are commonly called tenants. However, the common tenancy agreement should not be confused or mixed with the common lease, because, unlike the common rent, an overdraft right does not mean, the title being passed on to the surviving owner, but in the common tenancy agreement, the estate can be passed on to a beneficiary of the owner`s choice.

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