The same obligation as other promotions (point 23), as collected by this Act, for a consideration equal to 1/10 in the case of a lease granted exclusively for agricultural purposes and, in any other case, 1/6 of the total amount of rent paid or paid for the first fifty years of rental. Tenants must register the lease and pay a stamp duty depending on the length of the tenancy. No registration fee must be paid when registering a rental contract in Chandigarh. Stamp duty is paid to small and smallholders. iStock In Chandigarh the stamp duty rate on real estate purchases is 5% for men. The same obligation as other promotions (No. 23) for a consideration equal to t6o of the amount of the purchase money only. Statement-The term «Debenture» includes all associated interest coupons, but the amount of these coupons is not included in the tax estimate. «3) The collector may suo motu, or upon receipt of a reference by the inspector general of registration or the clerk of a district under the Registration Act, 1908 (Central Law No. 16 of 1908), whose jurisdiction is the property or part of it which is the subject of the act: either on the subject of an audit report by the counter and general auditorium of India, or by any other authority authorized by the state government in that name or by any other authority, to request and review, within three years of the date of registration of an act, an instrument to ensure the accuracy of the value of the estate or the disclosed consideration, as well as any other facts and circumstances affecting the accountability of the instrument , or the character and amount of the obligation. it has been overcharged and, as a result of this review, if it has reason to believe that no appropriate obligation has been discharged, it may, after giving the person concerned the opportunity to be heard and, following a request in the manner referred to in point 2 above, the value of the estate, the consideration or the nature or description of the act and the obligation: to which he was to expect and to pay the defective amount of the customs duty, if any, by the taxpayers.» and (2) guarantees of mortgages or pledges, if such a surety, a pledge or pledge has been paid as collateral for the repayment of money advanced or advanced in the form of a loan, or an existing or future debt – The reduced stamp tax applies to all loan contracts that are executed by these borrowers, among others, for the benefit of banks, financial institutions, financial development companies.

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